Self portrait

Hi, I'm Amanda! I love traveling! And my dog. 

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but I lived 20 years in Northern California.

Every 10 years or so, the world seems to decide it's time for a major upset–and upsets me along with it, usually by getting me laid-off from a long-time job.

At 20, the New York skyline changed as well as the idea of safety and security. At 30, the idea of home ownership changed and any trust we had left in banks. At 40, the concept of healthcare became a global concern, and we stopped people-ing.

After so many times trying to find my way back to Normal, I decided to stop trying to hit the reset button and do something new.

After selling my home and purchasing my RV, I packed all my belongings and my amazing rescue pit bull, Ava, into 190 square feet of living space, and off we went on a crazy adventure.